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A passion for technology and design

For sixteen years, we’ve been in business to make homes smarter, safer, more fun, and more connected to the families that live in them. We take the guesswork out of creating these custom solutions by bringing understanding and expertise to the design process. We both have a background in IT at a Fortune 300 company and a love for interior design. That means Sapient Home sits at the intersection of what we love, and what we do best. 


How can we help?


We'd like to get to know you.


Selecting the right smart home technology can seem daunting at first–but not to us! We eliminate the guesswork by discovering, through a guided process, how you want to experience your home. We then demonstrate what is possible, both today and in the future. The result is simple–you’re able to make informed decisions about the solutions that best fit your home and your lifestyle.

We help you love your home more.

We work with your design team to make sure your system blends effortlessly with your interior design and is as easy to use as your toaster. The end result will be an experience that’s beautifully responsive to your needs.  


We make good friends.

In 2004, our very first client asked us to help transform their mid-century home into a modern space while retaining the home’s original character. In 2020, the home’s aesthetic remains intact, but the system has grown and adapted with the family. Partnerships like these are baked into the Sapient Home culture because providing ongoing, proactive service is just part of best practice for us.



At Sapient Home, we believe the process should be just as smooth as the finished result. That’s why we take the time to listen, get to know your vision, needs, and favorite creature comforts–so we can guide you through what’s possible, and collaborate to get it just right. 


Here’s a look into our process:

STEP 1:  Get to know you

We meet you –either in person or virtually– to learn about your project. This detailed conversation allows us to get to know how you’d like your home to serve you. We then demonstrate solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations.

STEP 2:  Design a personalized solution

We collaborate with you and your design team as early as possible in the process to create a solution that is tailored to your needs while enhancing your home’s aesthetic. We make sure everything visible –keypads, TVs, switches, and so on– are properly placed and integrated with your decor. We then review and revise our design until everyone is confident, excited, and ready to sign off.


STEP 3:  Install your new system

We work hand-in-hand with your general contractor and other trade professionals involved with your project to ensure that your smart home technology is installed effectively and on time. When necessary, we flex our schedule to meet new needs.  Because we get involved at an early stage, we can hide all wires behind the drywall and conceal hardware out of site. Whether your project is new construction or retrofit, we always leave your home clean and tidy.

STEP 4:  Configure your new system

This is when the real fun starts: We collaborate with you to customize the system! First, we enter all your accounts into the system (and we keep a record in case you need it later). Working with you, we create scene-based scenarios that you can activate with a wall-mounted switch, smartphone, tablet or a small remote. Next, we tune the audio and video for all the zones in your home, and finally, we test the system and show you how to operate it. We have a rule: Only build systems that are easy to teach, because that means they’re easy to use!

STEP 5:  Provide ongoing remote service and support

Once you’ve had a chance to experience your system for a while, we schedule the necessary follow-ups to make sure it's working perfectly, and make adjustments where needed. Because we can access your system remotely, we keep everything up-to-date and functioning as designed in real-time, often without entering your home. Your system automatically notifies us when there is a problem, which often allows us to make fixes very fast–sometimes even before you notice the issue! We keep up with emerging technologies and let you know when we think a new solution can further enhance your home.

"I really feel like they come in and want to know, “how can we enable you to live your best life, your dream home life?” They want to make it easy for you to do that." 
~ Nicole R, Chicago
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