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Live in a home that is as

smart as you are


Living in your smart home is intuitive and easy. All of your home's functions respond to you through intuitive interfaces on smartphones, touch screens, and handheld remotes. Tailored, programmable “scenes” ensure that audio and video, lights, shades, thermostats, and security systems are all set just as you want them.


Relaxing at home?

Let us help you settle in. 


Come home after a busy day and enjoy the reassuring comfort of your home working for you.  As you settle into the evening routine, click a button to turn on the task lights over the island and cue up your cooking soundtrack to create the perfect atmosphere for making your famous spaghetti and meatballs. When it's time to call the kids to set the table, you’ll only need one finger to turn on the lights over the dining room table, lower the blinds to ensure privacy, and lock all the doors. Your evening routine has never been easier–as it should be.


Getting together on game day?

We’re here to make it easy. 


While the kids are in the media room playing a video game, you and a few friends are getting ready to watch your college football team on the big screen. You grab the remote, lowering the blinds to cut down the glare while adjusting the lights for comfortable TV viewing. Meanwhile, invisible speakers deliver the right volume so everyone can hear the game but continue to talk and have fun. When the kids start getting a little too excited, you turn down the volume in the game room.  And when the dinner bell is ignored, you let the kids know it’s time to eat by remotely shutting down the gaming system! Our solutions make sure your party unfolds effortlessly and smoothly, every time. 



Staying at home to stay safe?

We make it healthier.


Now that the entire family is spending much more time at home, our systems help make working and learning at home easier. We make sure that critical systems keep going even if the power goes down so you can rely on your Wi-Fi network every day and trust that your security and surveillance systems stay online. Keep productive in the office while the kids are enjoying recess by controlling the sound levels in the play spaces from your phone. Later, confirm that school work is being done by monitoring and controlling the kids’ screen usage. Lighting and climate control have always been important, but now they have become critical to your family’s overall wellness. Ensure your home promotes healthy living by controlling temperature, privacy and lighting with smart thermostats, motorized window treatments, and human-centric lighting.


Away from home?

Let us bring you closer. 

Being away from the kids can be difficult–especially as a mom. Your smart home makes traveling a little easier by letting you check in on your family at any time. In the afternoon, check the security camera feed to watch the kids playing in the garden. After dark, make sure that the doors and gate are locked, the shades are down with the perimeter lights on, and the kids are tucked cosily into bed. Ensuring your family’s safety is paramount, so our solutions ensure that your home and your family are secure when you are away, and give you the piece of mind every parent needs.


Want a better experience every day?

We couldn’t agree more. 

The sound of your alarm isn’t so bad when you’re able to roll over, touch a button, and watch your blinds start to rise while the smart thermostat lowers the temperature and the sun streams in through your window.  Smart home solutions are about making the everyday simpler, easier, and more tailored to your needs. Return from the day’s work and, using a single command, open the garage gate, turn on the path lights, and disarm the alarm system. At night, instead of walking around the house turning off lights, adjusting the temperature and activating the alarm, you simply press a button, plug in your phone and head to bed. Our solutions empower people to have a better living experience every day, because we make special accessible.



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