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An existing, fragmented system installed by a previous owner was barely functional and did not at all meet the needs of the current homeowners. The system needed to be modernized, streamlined and simplified to use from an easy set of interfaces–iPhone, iPad, keypads, or remote controls. Another challenge was allowing for easy workflow for the home’s support staff while ensuring privacy and security.


Over the course of several meetings with the family and the staff, our team created a picture of the family’s lifestyle, schedules, habits around entertaining guests, and the types of access the staff required. Taking the current, inadequate system as an example, we parsed what worked and didn’t work for them, to find the right balance between innovation and keeping functional elements.


During the process, we made sure to modify and keep the old system running as best as possible, to create a continuous flow of functionality throughout the home as they managed the transition from old to new.


Restructuring and customizing a mix of existing smart home solutions. 



A big family with five kids. 



A spacious existing home with over 10,000 square feet of living space.

Sapient Home Portfolio


Much to the kids’ delight, we installed a state-of-the-art video distribution system, with brand new 4K televisions, all connected to a major network upgrade integrating nine wifi zones into the home for smooth connectivity throughout. The thermostats were updated to include remote temperature setting and humidity sensors, and modern, motorized, window treatments were brought online and added to the home’s scenes and schedules.


The family had a beautiful but antiquated home theater which they wanted to use as a multi-purpose room, specifically for movies, video games, and performances on the stage.  We installed modern hardware, brought the motorized stage curtains online, and installed a video game system. The end result is an easy-to-use room that the family enjoys spending time in.


Using a blend of new and existing cameras, the team tightened and updated the security system, connected to modernized wiring throughout the home. We fully replaced the lighting system, including dimmers and switches, while integrating existing dimming panels. We added a variety of scenes to the system for easy use, ranging from “dining” to “waking up.” In addition, we reduced both the quantity and size of the hardware to eliminate clutter and bulk in multiple locations in the home. Controlling each new smart home feature is an all-encompassing control system with customized access levels for the clients, their kids, and the support staff.


Modernized lighting control gives clients and staff customized scenes for their daily and entertainment needs. But even with hundreds of light switches, the ability to properly illuminate the home was pared down to a few intuitive lighting scenes. We hid the wires controlling it all to minimize the visual impact of the components. All light switches and wall plates were replaced with designer-selected finishes, with room-specific satin finishes blending into the decor impeccably. We also brought to life the home’s lighting solution via motorized window treatments, improving sunlight control and privacy management. 



We are excited that the client has found the system is living up to expectations and has required little upkeep since installation.


New construction

Cutting the cord

Enhancing decor

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